University Life

Having only just finished my first term at uni I know as much about university as I do about life itself (very little). The last four months have been the strangest experience of my life. It has been like some weird social experiment; two flats of people from all over the world are suddenly thrown together and expected to live communally whilst completing degrees. The hardest part for me has undoubtedly been living with other people. I am a naturally intolerant person, which is something I have found to be mildly problematic when trying to make friends. However, I have to say, my flatmates must be the most understanding and patient people on the planet as they manage to put up with me. Adjusting to sharing a kitchen with complete strangers was a weird experience. Realising that getting a First was going to require me to actually do all (or at least most of) the assigned reading was even more of a shock.

So, I’d like to summarise some of the things I have learnt about life and myself over these weird, weird last four months:

  1. People are not inherently bad (however much I would like to believe they are). Everyone has their own story, and it’s probably far more interesting than your own; take time to listen to it. 
  2. Actually do your washing up.
  3. Go to more than half your course lectures, it will probably help in the long run and spending all day in bed is actually less fun than you think (trust me).
  4. 9am on a Monday morning isn’t that bad if you don’t go to sleep Sunday night.
  5. Buying good coffee is as necessary as buying loo roll.
  6. People are a lot funnier and more interesting if you’re both intoxicated.
  7. Your lecturers have no idea who you are (unless you actually use their office hours (Brita!))
  8. Don’t do a science, they actually have a lot of work
  9. The corridor is a much better place to hang out than the kitchen.
  10. Join every society you possibly can and meet people you wouldn’t otherwise know. 
  11. Alcohol is expensive. 
  12. Living in a city is a chance that you shouldn’t pass up. 
  13. Pancake parties are by far the best way to finish essays at 4am.
  14. Keeping in touch with old friends is both invaluable and overrated; know where to draw the line.
  15. Speak to your parents often.
  16. The kitchen floor is a legitimate place to sleep.
  17. Northerners are weird.
  18. So are really south Southerners. 
  19. It is always an appropriate time of the day to drink.
  20. Being at university is fucking awesome. 

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