The End of an Era?

I am sure someone, somewhere, once said that writing whilst (mildly) intoxicated was a bad idea. Nevertheless, if it was good enough for Hemingway, it is good enough for me.

So the end of 2013 sort of feels like the end of an era. It was the year in which I finished schooling, as I knew it. I sat my A Level exams and collected my results. By some miracle, I secured my place at King’s and I have entered the (semi) adult world, where I have to do my own washing.

This year has been the first time I have lived away from home. Which has been both wonderfully refreshing and rather disconcerting. The relative serenity that university living has brought me (compared to my hectic household) has been rather nice. However, negotiating shared living and adjusting to new people has been a massive challenge. Away from the comforts of home and a small town, London has been both a comfort and a shock.

I rather wanted to write about the profound things I have learnt about life and myself over the past year and the aspirations I have for the year to come. However, as I sit here now, nothing all that profound springs to mind. So, I believe you will have to settle for the ordinary. 

2013 has been a year of change; that much is certain. In the past few months, I have left the town I grew up in, the boyfriend I had been rather serious about and entered single life as a lazy student who really resents the (not really that far) walk to university in the morning.

The inspiration I had in the first few weeks of uni fizzled out quickly. The joy of simply learning about everything wore out as the realisation that 9am on a Monday morning is fucking early kicked in. My passion for learning turned to disinterest as some of my modules proved dull and uninspiring. The £9000 a year was being called into question almost every week (and definitely at each English lecture). However, my bitter and cynical outlook on life should not cloud university wholly. I have learnt a fair bit since I have been here, more about life than Virginia Woolf, but important stuff nonetheless. 

The next year will prove more interesting than the last, I am sure of it. I will only be in classes two days a week, which means I shall have to get a job! I am hoping to do something more fulfilling than Costa. Balancing actual work and school work will be fun to attempt once again. Although, I always found work to be a welcome break from learning, and I hope to actually learn stuff about the big wide world, too. This year also brings big coursework deadlines (3 of which are in the coming week!!) and end of year exams. This is a daunting prospect, for sure. My first two assignments have come back as 2:1s and I am hoping I can keep this up for the coming year. I might add that the pressure to get a First has only slightly been increased by my parents’ inscribing, “Here’s to a First Class Honours!” on the back of my iPad….

The end of 2013 truly means saying goodbye to the education system I so loathed and embracing a system that encourages (and requires) students to push themselves to read and to be more than they could. University is definitely more than just a system of education; it is a completely different lifestyle. So, I suppose it is the end of an era, and a beginning of a new one. I am sure I have absolutely no idea what the next year brings for me, but I am optimistic about it anyway. 

Happy New Year, I hope the universe is kind to you. 





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