Food Things

So I’m *trying* to eat a bit better. Which is a constant battle for me. Because  I fucking love food and I hate dieting – it makes me hella grumpy. I also have a really terrible relationship with food where I’m either eating everything in sight because I’m sad and hate myself or I’m counting every single calorie and classing a bowl of cherries as a meal.

So! In order to combat this, I’m trying to put together a collection of meals that are all healthy. In doing this, I’m trying not to value food as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ but trying to see meals as energy and fuel or as the source of the nutrients my body needs. So, all these meals have a healthy balance of fruit and veg, protein and carbs. I can pick from almost any of them and know that my dinner is healthy and going to keep me full.

The big thing for me is portion size, I need to eat a LARGE volume of food to feel full. And I’m constantly snacking. So all of these meals yield a larger-than-average portion size. Those marked ‘LARGE’ are generally two regular size bowls (per person) and ‘MASSIVE would be about three. This means I can make dinner last over an hour and not feel so hungry into the evening. All the calories are calculated for the ENTIRE portion, not per bowl.

So, for example, 2 bowls of Dhal is 450 calories in total, so about 225 per bowl. This means meals can be halved for lunch, or shared between a couple of less hungry people.

Hopefully, having this little database of meals with rough calorie estimates will allow me to have a good idea of how much food I am consuming without it driving me crazy. So, at the end of the day I can know how healthy I’ve been without having to put a specific number on it. If I’ve only eaten meals from this list, I know it’s been a fab day. If I’ve had one or two unplanned snacks, I know that’s okay. And if I say ‘fuck it’ and order 2 large pizzas, that’s okay too. Because tomorrow I’ll just eat from the list.

Plus, pizza tastes fucking great.

Here are the meal ideas!

Dhal and Mash: 
450 calorie dinner (per person) and makes a LARGE portion (2x30g lentil portion pp)

  • lentils, stock, cumin, curry powder, onion, peas, root veg mash

Prawn Paella:
500 calorie dinner (per person) makes a sensible portion

  • paella rice, stock, tinned tomatoes, onion, paprika, chilli powder, sweetcorn, green beans, carrots, prawns

Veggie Chilli:
450 calorie dinner (per person) and makes a LARGE portion (if adding yoghurt + 30calories / soft cheese + 50calories)

  • tinned tomatoes, kidney beans in chilli sauce, taco in chilli sauce, two onions, aubergine, chilli powder, paprika, Moroccan spice

‘Meat’ and Two Veg Tea:
500 calorie dinner (per person) makes a MASSIVE portion (about 2 large bowls each)

  • Quorn, root veg mash, carrots, peas, brocoli,
  • Stroganoff Sauce: Onion, paprika, balsamic vinegar, stock, yoghurt

Slow Cooked Thai Green Curry + mash:
550 calorie dinner (per person) and makes a LARGE portion

  • Thai green paste, light coconut milk, onion, mangetout, prawns, root veg mash

Roast Dinner:
700 calorie dinner (per person) and makes a LARGE portion

  • Whole chicken, onions, carrots, peas, new roast potatoes, gravy

Blue cheese and Spinach Frittata:
400 calories lunch/dinner (per person) and makes 2 LARGE quarters each

  • 6 eggs, onions, balsamic vinegar, Moroccan spice, spinach, strong blue cheese, peas/green beans

Tuna Pasta Bake:
700 calorie dinner (per person) and makes a LARGE portion

  • Pasta, tuna, cheese,  tinned tomatoes, hot peppers, onions, balsamic vinegar, oregano, basil

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