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Things to do. Places to see. People to know.

Wanderlust is such a lovely word, I think. It is literally the desire to travel without definite purpose or objective. Planning adventures and escapes is probably my favourite way to pass the time.  Talking to people who have seen more of the world than I have fills me with inspiration (and jealousy).Interrailing last summer was probably the best four weeks of my life. I think it was the careless independence that comes with feeling so free from reality. For a month you get to do nothing but visit museums, make friends, take bad photos and drink foreign beer.

I am desperate to not become content with just being here, with just being who I am. So, I am planning a little adventure this summer. I think I’d like to get a country pass this time. Spend a couple of weeks just touring Germany or Italy. Getting to spend a few days in each of the biggest cities.  This interrailing map is one of my favourite things to look at. It shows all the different train routes across Europe. It makes the possibility of endless travel seem utterly possible.  I could spend hours just planning how I would live my life if I had the endless funds I would undoubtedly need.

I have duck pins on my world map and it just proves that the proportion of the world I have seen is minuscule. I am just so desperate to see everything else.map for blog

I think I am probably leaning toward Germany this summer. I speak a little (a tiny, tiny bit) which may come in handy. Plus Berlin is supposed to be one of the best cities in Europe. I think I shall start planning and keep a log on here as I go. It will be my reward for actually having a job!

Perhaps one day when I am vastly successful I’ll be able to see America or Asia.